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Let's spend some time together! My workshops are PACKED full of inspiration and no-nonsense techniques. I promise you will be a changed quilter after EACH experience (doesn't that sound good?) 

Here's some feedback from gals that have taken some of my workshops . . .

"Oh man, where does one begin. Her instructions are so clear that I don't think I have ever scratched my head and said "Huh?". I love that Sharon doesn't think that a quilt can't be done by a beginner, that ANYONE can quilt." 

Kathy, Lethbridge AB

"I have taken several classes from Sharon. Her teaching style is a great combination of insight, tips, and hands on learning. I highly recommend her classes and I look forward to taking more."

Joan, Airdrie AB

"Sharon is teaching all the time. She has a wealth of experience and expertise. Once, while popping in to pick up a quilt, Sharon took the time to share with me both pressing instruction and a sewing technique she was using for constructing log-cabin blocks. Sharon is a generous and enthusiastic teacher!"

Connie, Airdrie AB

"Sharon provides detailed step-by-step instructions as well as numerous videos sharing techniques. Sharon is always available to support and answer any question, big or small. She is an amazing instructor who's creative spark has no limits!!" Kim, Houston BC

More Dates & Locations will be Announced Soon....

Classes begin simpler, advance in complexity, and build on skills learned. They are designed to take as a complete series. You will receive a supply list before the class and electronic handouts afterwards.  All classes are suitable for domestic and longarm machine quilters of all skill levels. Instruction is presentation and drawing together, not hands on machines. You'll get more information out of the class and then you can practice comfortably in your own home afterward. Classes will be held at a bright and spacious location in Millwoods. You may sign up for individual classes if you wish although a discount for the entire series will apply. Individual half day classes are $45.00 CAD plus gst. If you sign up for the complete series you will receive a 10% discount for a total of $340.20 including tax.  Spaces are limited and will fill quickly.  Questions & registrations will be taken over phone: 403-863-0918 or email: Payment will be required to hold your spot in the classes. 

Saturday Sept 10, 2022

9am - 12pm Practice With Purpose - Beginner Free Motion Muscle Memory

1pm - 4pm Practice With Purpose - Advancing Free Motion Muscle Memory

These classes will give you the tools to Practice with Purpose, which means that every stitch counts toward better control, increased and accurate muscle memory, develop intuition & consistency in shape/size of designs. Sharon will share her secrets to “fast-track” your skill development, so that every moment spent practicing has been well spent. You'll learn several free motion designs that have multiple variations to suit different quilting styles.  This class has been extremely popular, and is ideal for quilters of all skill levels.


Sunday Sept 11, 2022

9am - 12pm No Fear Feathers - Beginner Free Motion Feathers

Are you intimidated by the thought of freehand feathers? Do your feather attempts leave much to be desired? If you think that you will never be able to quilt a freehand feather then this class is exactly where you need to be. Sharon will share her tested methods for quilting beautiful feathers in 6 ways whiles sharing “purposeful practice” techniques to build your muscle memory so that you can do it time and time again. We will even venture into putting those feathers in unusual spaces so that you can develop your visual spatial skills.  You CAN quilt feathers! 

1pm - 4pm Frame It With Feathers - Feathers in Borders

Feathers make fantastic border treatments! Learn how to design unique & continuous feather designs for your borders and open spaces, then learn how to mark and quilt them. Struggle to quilt feathers in the first place? Sharon will teach you her secrets for nailing feathers so that you can quilt those designs with ease. This class is ideal for quilters of all skill levels.


Saturday Oct 15, 2022

9am - 12pm Quilting With Rulers - All Skill Levels

Ruler quilting can add wonderful detail & interest to your quilting! This class will teach you all you need to know about getting started with ruler quilting.  You’ll learn how to use rulers to divide & define spaces, create several different designs, and learn to understand all the markings on rulers and how to use them. I’ll be bringing a TON of rulers for you to play with, and I encourage you to bring your own rulers as well so you can learn how to use them. Don’t have rulers? We will have some available for purchase during the class.

1pm - 4pm Humanized Quilting - Develop Your Own Style

You are unique! And as an expression of who you are, your quilting should be too! So how do you develop your own style? By tapping into the natural way you quilt (imperfections and all) own it, build on it ,and nurture it  into a special style that is all YOU.  Through several exercises, we will work together  to discover your natural talents (Yes! You have them!)  and you will come away from this class feeling energized and excited about who you are as a quilter, an artist, a human! This class is ideal for quilters of all skill levels.


Sunday Oct 16, 2022

9am - 12pm Texture & Dimension - Learn Artists' Tricks!

Train yourself to quilt like an artist! Learn to apply artists’ concepts to your quilts by adding layers of dimension in several different ways. Learn about batting combinations, thread choices and design ideas for background fills to level up your quilting & give it that extra pop & punch. Learn the tricks to getting those small details tucked into tight places, creating the illusion of depth and dimension.

1pm - 4pm How Do I Quilt This? - Answers to the Ultimate Question

Do you ever find yourself staring at a quilt top, struggling to come up with a quilting plan? Sometimes the answers are right in front of us, but many times they are not! How do you decide when to do Edge to Edge, Custom, or a combination of both? Sharon will share her “Cheat-Sheet” of kick-starter questions to help you make those design decisions.  We will review different styles of quilt tops and walk through making quilting plans together so you can apply the same methods at home. Stop wondering and start stitching!   This class is ideal for quilters of all skill levels.


express yourself - the trunk show

Learn the essential elements of show stopping quilts, and how to infuse these key ingredients into your own quilting, in any style! This educational style trunk show will arm you with the 3 secrets to creating successful dynamic quilts, allowing your quilts be a true reflection of who you are.

A workshop that begins with an in depth look at my design philosophy of the 3 essential elements in the Express Yourself trunk show. Learn how to identify all of these elements and exactly how they work together in varying degrees in each quilt. This workshop is designed to increase fabric selection skills & piecing accuracy so you can shop with confidence as well as use up your stash more effectively to create stunning dynamic quilts.  Learn More . . . 

piece your way to freedom 


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