Let's spend some time together! My workshops are PACKED full of inspiration and no-nonsense techniques. I promise you will be a changed quilter after EACH experience (doesn't that sound good?) 

Here's some feedback from gals that have taken some of my workshops . . .

"Oh man, where does one begin. Her instructions are so clear that I don't think I have ever scratched my head and said "Huh?". I love that Sharon doesn't think that a quilt can't be done by a beginner, that ANYONE can quilt." 

Kathy, Lethbridge AB

"I have taken several classes from Sharon. Her teaching style is a great combination of insight, tips, and hands on learning. I highly recommend her classes and I look forward to taking more."

Joan, Airdrie AB

"Sharon is teaching all the time. She has a wealth of experience and expertise. Once, while popping in to pick up a quilt, Sharon took the time to share with me both pressing instruction and a sewing technique she was using for constructing log-cabin blocks. Sharon is a generous and enthusiastic teacher!"

Connie, Airdrie AB

"Sharon provides detailed step-by-step instructions as well as numerous videos sharing techniques. Sharon is always available to support and answer any question, big or small. She is an amazing instructor who's creative spark has no limits!!" Kim, Houston BC

express yourself - the trunk show

Learn the essential elements of show stopping quilts, and how to infuse these key ingredients into your own quilting, in any style! This educational style trunk show will arm you with the 3 secrets to creating successful dynamic quilts, allowing your quilts be a true reflection of who you are.

A workshop that begins with an in depth look at my design philosophy of the 3 essential elements in the Expressss Yourself trunk show. Learn how to identify all of these elements and exactly how they work together in varying degrees in each quilt. This workshop is designed to increase fabric selection skills & piecing accuracy so you can shop with confidence as well as use up your stash more effectively to create stunning dynamic quilts.  Learn More . . . 

piece your way to freedom 


concept quilting - NEW

Explore endless ways to combine simple design elements to create harmony and style in any quilted piece.  

This workshop is in the development stage. More details to come. 

feather fanatic 

Learn the different types of feathers and HOW to quilt them with a very specific reference and shape technique. Learn what to practice so you can develop your muscle memory to create smooth flowing feathers in any style. 

texture magic

Experiment with background filler designs that compliment your focus quilting, while creating texture and dimension. Learn the tricks to getting those tight details tucked into place nice and neat. 


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As well, you can watch me quilting LIVE from my home studio, as I share quilting tips and techniques while I work! Click HERE