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Prairie Quilt Militia

website access

Before you can sign up for website access, you must purchase a membership. You will not be given access to this site unless you have paid for a Militia membership HERE 

For new and existing members, click Login/Signup at the bottom of this page. Allow 24 hours for approval. 

Click to Watch the videos below to learn how to Sign Up / Log In

Log In/Signup from Desktop

Log In/Signup from Mobile

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Website Access Mobile.jpg


after you sign up...

 Once you have received an email with approval, click on Login/Sign up and then enter the credentials you used to register. As soon as you are logged in you will be re-routed BACK to this page, but you now have access to the Militia pages.


Click on PQMilitia again at the top of this page and a drop down menu will appear with the pages you can choose from.

Bookmark this page or click on "Remember Me" when you sign in, for easy access!

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