We are a quilting obsessed mob with the desire to come together when called upon, for the good of the virtual quilting community. We are simple, good-hearted & committed to preserving the tradition of patchwork quilting while infusing new ideas and techniques. We teach, inspire, encourage and motivate one another. 


 Members of the Militia are called upon twice a year to complete a "Mystery Mission" aka, a Mystery Quilt carefully designed by your General & Commander, me. During this mission, militia members have full access to classified information (steps released twice a month) as well as top secret operative videos (video tutorials) on a wide range of quilting initiatives, including mission-specific training. 


The Militia is not a guild. There are no politics in the Militia. No set hours, no meetings and no voting. Come to the Militia on your OWN time, in the comfort of your OWN home.

Access ALL of the Mystery & BOM steps right here on the website! 

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PLUS there are 2 mysteries starting March 1st & Sept 1st!

Yearly Membership Fee $40.00

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