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Love Shack Quilts has 2 Gammill longarm quilting machines, one computerized and one entirely free-hand.  My design style is a fusion of traditional and modern quilting elements. I believe that each quilt is unique, and the quilting should add to its originality.  My longarm services range from simple free-hand, to computerized pantographs, to complex custom. Contact me for a consult, or to ask any questions you may have! Here are some samples of my work. Enjoy! (click on any of the images to enlarge)


***Pricing begins at 2 - 3 cents per square inch for freehand & computerized pantographs, and all custom work is billed out hourly and requires a consultaion. Y ou can expect a turnaround as little as 2 weeks, depending your quilting requirements.

what kind of quilting do you need?

Edge to edge quilts have a repeating pattern that covers the quilt from edge to edge. 

Custom quilting is when patterns are placed in specific sections of the quilt, to highlight the piecing or applique.