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A Beautiful Mind

EXCITING NEWS!!! We are THRILLED to introduce the first ever Digital, Interactive & Inspiring Quilt Pattern, A Beautiful Mind. Watch the video below for a demo!

A Beautiful mind was designed & developed by Sharon & Jason Blackmore, in the hopes that your quilting journey will bring you even more joy. Each block has been given a special name along with a hand picked inspirational quote, to give you something positive to focus on while you stitch.

You can create this stunning sampler style quilt while enjoying the ease of navigating around the pattern, by simply touching or clicking on where you want to go next . The pattern is fully functional on all devices, so you can use your desktop, laptop, tablet, iPad, and yes, you can even use your phone (but it would be kinda small).

You can make the blocks in any order you choose, and even customize your finished quilt by only making the blocks you want to.

You can also join our quilting community on Facebook at no cost, the Prairie Quilt Militia, for community, friendship, support and motivation.

Will you join us in making A Beautiful Mind? You can get started right now, by clicking right here on this link:

Be sure to check your emailed receipt for a special document with all the information you need to begin. And thank you

Watch the demo video here: A Beautiful Mind Demo Video


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