Gaming Meets Quilting... Why This Trend is Good For You...

I came home after a fun sew day with one of my besties, and exclaimed to my husband that he needed to STOP what he was doing and listen to this crazy idea I had. Like a good man, he did. He sat there as I tried to assemble my zillion thoughts into one concise idea that he would make sense to him. And fortunately, because he is a hard core gamer (and loves me) he got it. In a nutshell I told him I wanted to develop a quilting game, in which you complete levels in order to get instructions to make a quilt. I wanted to take the fun & challenging elements of a game, and the passion and reward of quilting, and merge them into a concept that the whole world could participate in.

We tossed around several ideas, spent a few weeks researching game software and flushing out the ideas into a solid concept. Six months later we are on the

brink of releasing our first game, called Unlock the Block.

First of all, check out this amazing quilt! Isn't that what the whole point is... to make beautiful quilts to love? Playing Unlock the Block results in this stunning sampler style quilt.

Here's the simple low-down. 50 blocks, 50 levels. It's a straightforward drag & drop puzzle game. As you complete each level (block) you are rewarded with the instructions to make that block. If you love puzzles, and you love quilting, then this game is for YOU!

Just like any great game, Unlock the Block grows more challenging as you move up through the levels. But have no fear! There is a FREE Hint Pack that comes with the game that can help you solve the puzzle and make the block! Also included in the game is a Block Coloring Pack. Each of the 50 blocks, un-colored, can be downloaded and either printed, or imported into Microsoft Paint, to play around with color choices to plan your quilt.