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So... You're a Control Freak, huh?

Everyone says that quilting is amazing therapy. It really is. It gives you time to reflect and plan and just have some quiet time. But did you know that quilting not only enhances your life; it can truly change it? As humans we have all sorts of personality quirks, fears and feelings that manifest themselves in certain behaviours and tendencies. One of the most common is the strong desire to control. As a quilter you can choose your pattern, choose your fabrics, choose the backing, quilting and on and on until you have the final finished product you planned for right from the beginning. Truly gratifying for someone in need of that control in their life. Maybe that person has less control in other areas of their life, and this is a way to feel like they're the boss! Quilting allows you to be in control of the entire creative process. What a wonderful craft for the control freak!

But then.... the Mystery Quilt phenomenon began. And control freaks everywhere backed as far away as possible from these events and vowed only to make quilts that they could have control over the outcome. Meanwhile, the free birds and carefree quilters flocked to the idea of mystery quilts, and have been flying in perfect formation ever since. Mystery quilts provide an element of intrigue and suspense that makes the whole process quite addicting... it's a real rush! The control freaks are the ones watching from the sidelines in awe at others' ability to let go and enjoy the entire mystery experience. They want to jump in, but just can't let go...

I know a few (ok maybe more than a few) control freaks that have relinquished their power over to me, and trusted me to guide them through the process of making phenomenal quilts, blind. With a few very basic but important guiding principles, these quilters select their fabrics, and leave the rest up to me. That's HUGE for someone who needs to have control. It is a very big step to allow someone else to have control over something that takes hours of personal time! I have seen personal progress in these individuals over the years as they learn to trust in both their instincts, and my guidance. Beautiful quilts are the result of our two creative minds... And with each mystery quilt, the control freak learns to relax... let go... and most importantly, enjoy a little more.

Isn't it amazing what we can draw from simply stitching two pieces of fabric together? Who would have thought that it could teach us so much about becoming better people, not just better quilters.

So for the control freaks out there that want a little exercise in letting go? My current mystery quilt, Blindfold Me Baby , just started at the beginning of March, and it's not too late to join! I run 2 fantastic mystery quilts a year, and one BOM annually. Our group is friendly, drama-free, supportive and so much fun! We would love to have you along for the ride!

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