The Freedom Movement - A Quilters Resolution


*I shared this last year, but I know there are several new quilters that have not yet read this goodness, so I believe its worth another share. *

The “Freedom” Movement – A Quilters Resolution

It’s this time of year that we all think about the year gone by, and compile our lists of intentions for the year to come. Goals such as losing weight, quitting smoking, saving more money, and the list goes on and on. For most of us, these resolutions of good intentions are soon forgotten early into the first month of the year. Stress, hectic schedules and external pressures quickly creep in on our lives after the relaxing holiday is over. One of the keys (probably the only key) to being successful in keeping your New Years resolutions, is setting smaller, more reasonable goals. It’s often easier to achieve a large goal if you set yourself little milestones (and don’t forget to reward yourself for all your hard work!) that will help you achieve your ultimate goal (and then another rewarding celebration is in order!).

If you have followed my mystery quilts, you have faithfully taken my direction and guidance from beginning to end. I am about to ask (or more in keeping with my style, demand) that you make yourself ONE resolution that I KNOW will change your outlook on many things, but in particular, how you see yourself as a Quilter.

I’m not going to tell you to organize your sewing room, sort your scraps, or even finish your UFO’s. That stuff doesn’t really matter to me, and doesn’t define you as a quilter anyway. What I want you to do is ask yourself what skill level of a Quilter you think you are… Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced or Novice? Why do you think that? Is it based on how many quilts you’ve made? Or what the pattern you last made was labeled for difficulty? Is it on account of what you might be st