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Vintage Storm

I love it when a customer gives me artistic lisence. Here's "Vintage Storm", a unique rendition of Storm at Sea, designed and pieced by Lynn Burdett of Prairie Points Quilt Shop in Ponoka, Alberta.


And since she told me I couold do whatever I want (I love getting my way), I went crazy on detail and texture! I think my favorite part is the pebbling! I just love the texture it added to this quilt!


The pebbling helped to lay down the white background, allowing the other elements to literally jump off the quilt! Lynn chose simple fabrics and high contrast values that allowed the design of the quilt itself to shine.


Lynn made each block unique, and so I decided to quilt each one different. Although I did something a little different with the white background in the blocks... And even though I've used a variety of elements in the quilting itself, I can get away with it because I have repeated those elements in the same places throught the quilt. Check out how I've quilted the block backgrounds, and notice that it again, allows the design of the block to POP, while adding even more interest as a secondary background filler.


Let's have a peek at a few of my favorite blocks....


The cornerstone blocks got their own special treatment, again with the same motif in each one to lend consistency.


As well the black diamonds needed something special too!


Believe it or not, I got the idea for this outer border element from a metal gate at the World Waterpark at West Edmonton Mall. I'm inspired by the strangest things, but it works!


You can see in the picture above, that I just couldn't leave the 1" inner border unquilted. I did it last. i often quilt inner borders last because sometimes they just don't need quilting. I usually begin a quilt with an overall idea for the designs, but the actual details come to me as I go, and as I fill in areas with what they "need". It's kind of a 'seat-of-my-pants" way to quilt, but it works for me, and it's how I piece as well.

How about checking out the back? It always amazes me to see the stitching on it's own. It's a whole notha piece of art!


For the batting in VS, I used a base of 80/20 and a second layer of 100% wool. We all know that wool adds so much texture to a quilt when quilted. But the textures pops out on the top and the back of the quilt evenly. The 80/20 base acts as a platform for the wool, and forces the texture to pop out on the TOP of the quilt, where it's wanted! Can you almost feel all that texture?


A big HUGE thanks to Lynn, for giving me the honor to add my touch to this creation. You'll be able to see this amazing quilt right in Lynn's shop. Be sure to visit Prairie Points Quilt Shop, Where Quilters Gather! And until then, visit them on Facebook and be sure to give her a like!

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