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Plenty of Fish in the sea

If you have ever called yourself a POF'r, you may have made one of these:

Plenty of Fish.JPG

This was my EQ version of the famous Facebook Mystery quilt, Plenty of Fish. The idea for this project came from a comparison of online dating to mystery quilts. You just never knew what you were going to get. But unlike online dating, we promised not to disappoint, promised to make you fall in love, and promised you would have FUN! And we delivered on those promises! Over 1300 quilters worldwide participated in the event, here are some of the quilts that were made.

Lorie Rehman.jpg
Lenore Pfiffig 2.jpg
Judy Lillebo.jpg
Hjoris Perkins.jpg

Thanks to Lorie, Lenore, Judy & Hjordis, these are their quilts!

For those of you that missed out on this mystery, I will be making the pattern available for purchase, in the 12 Step format. I'll let you all know when it's ready!

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