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Fresh from the Prairies

Yes that's me! With a poster of Fresh from the Prairies!

Fresh from the Prairies was a project created by myself and my quilting buddy and business partner, Devon Lavigne. Devon and I created 12 quilt patterns that infused the spirit of the west, and the quilts' names upheld that spirit. Inspiration came form horses, old cowboy wisdom, northern lights and even haystacks. Our book has been out on the racks for the last 18 months, and although we were extremely delighted for the opportunity, we declined an offer for a send book. It's really a TON of work, and we wanted to put more detail in our patterns than a book would allow. For that reason, you see our patterns as mystery quilts now on Facebook, with extremely simple instructions and even photos of each step!

Off we went to Portland Quilt Market to launch the release of the book, and sign many copies for shop owners! Bit of a snag though, our quilts arrived in Texas, not Portland, and I taught schoolhouse at market with NO QUILTS! Read more on the fiasco on Edie's blog at Pickledish HERE


Here's Devon and I in the KC Star booth. Obviously our quilts arrived :-)


Our display. How surreal it was!

Want to pick up a copy of our book? If you can't find it at your local quilt shop, click HERE to order now!

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