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Tea/Blue/Grey quilt pieced by Carol Argue of Saskatchewan, Canada

Teal/Peach/Brown quilt pieced by myself, Sharon Blackmore

Cheap Thrills

  • There are 2 ways you can make this quilt.  Use the fabric requirements, go shopping & follow the steps 1-12. Or... Do it like we did when the mystery was happening! As each step was released we shopped our stash for the values required in each step. It was SO much fun! What will you choose?  Make Lap 56" x 74" or Queen 74" x 90".

    Instant Downloadable pattern! 

    *Note. Video links within the pattern will only be accessible if you are a Prairie Quilt Militia Member. Videos are support only, and are not required for you to be able to make this quilt. If you'd like information on becoming a member to have access to videos, and regular mystery quilts and Quilt Alongs, please click here :-) 

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