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Need Some Cheap Thrills in Your Life?

Mystery quilts have been around for many years. They’re nothing new. But when I began the Facebook Mystery trend in 2013 with “Plenty of Fish”, I had no idea it would become so popular! Turns out people really love not knowing where they’re headed! Huh! Since then there are many designers offering mysteries and programs and Facebook groups to enjoy watching everyone’s quilts come to life. So much to choose from. Some have shy’d away from mysteries because of a negative experience. Some people just cannot relinquish control and will wait until the design is revealed before deciding to make it.

But I happen to know a group of women who are not afraid. They are fearless in the face of the unknown. They are Militia. Prairie Quilt Militia. Quilters that have chosen to join me on a journey through mystery quilting because of their past successes with my patterns and designs. They’ve been pumping out show-stopping mystery quilts for 3 years now with me, and are all geared up to do it all over again! But this time…. I threw in a curve-ball. I don’t want complacent quilters. I don’t want “stuck-in-a-rut” quilters…. I want quilters that are thriving and evolving in an environment that is challenging, rewarding & fulfilling. So here’s the aforementioned curve-ball. NO fabric requirements. Yup. That’s right. Along the way I will give guidance and tips/hints on choosing fabric to use in EACH step. You can choose a color palette…. You can choose Lap or Queen size. The rest is chosen as you go, resulting in a TRUE mystery! Are you ready? If you feel up to a challenge, then this just might be your next “Cheap Thrill”!

The definition of a “Cheap Thrill” is “…receiving pleasure or "thrill" and spending very little or no money at all on it.” As per the Urban Dictionary, that is. And that’s the beauty of my mystery quilts, especially this one! I KNOW you want to use up your stash, and here is the perfect opportunity to do just that! Pull from your stash as each step is revealed, and be amazed at what you created, ALL from your shelves!

This is a great time to join the Militia, as we have also just begun “The Great Divide”, a 12 month BOM made from disappearing blocks! Isn’t it a stunner?!

Now get started… Click HERE to get registered for the Militia, and begin having fun immediately; in the comfort of your own home, in a supportive, encouraging, positive (& drama-free) group!

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