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Learning to Lapdance was never so easy!

AHA I got your attention! But really, Lapdance IS the name of my next Facebook Mystery Quilt that you won't want to miss! If you've been holding back on joining my group, wait no longer! Lapdance is the perfect large lap sized quilt that finishes at 60" x 72", and even better, you can use that beautiful large scale print you've been drooling over ever since you brought it home. Usually my mystery quilts are 12 steps, but this one completes in 10, leaving room for a bonus 2-step mystery ,"Goodnight Susie", before the spring mystery, "Ugly Duckling", starts in March. Sounds like I have a lot planned for you don't I? Well I certainly do! I dedicate hours to making sure that my instructions are detailed, easy to read, and simple enough that ANYONE can follow and make.

You need to be a Prairie Quilt Militia member to participate.... why? I have been writing patterns for several years, and with a book published by Kansas City Star, I realize the importance of thorough and simple instructions. Instead of publishing more books, I am releasing my patterns in the form of mysteries.

The Militia is a closed group on Facebook that only members have access to. The modest fee to join the group makes it more likely that members will actively participate, which makes the group that much more fun... they're not just a bunch of voyeurs. The quality of our members is that of quilters that appreciate and respect well written patterns, and support small business. They are also some of the most friendly, supportive amazing women I know. always lifting one another up and offering encouragement. This really is more than a quilting group, it's a fellowship. Lastly, since it is a closed group (which means I control memberships) there is no politics or other garbage going on in the group. Playing nice is the biggest rule, and everyone respects and understands the importance of this.

So why not join us? If you join before September 1st, you will be able to download the mystery we are about to wrap up, "Blindfold Me Baby", the ultimate scrap quilt.... as well as the BOM that will finish this coming January, "Moonshine".

There is so much to gain by becoming a member. Come play with us!

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