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50 Shades vs Blindfold Me Baby

This weekend movie theaters will be packed with the release of 50 Shades of Grey. Although I do enjoy watching a little "action" now and again, I likely won't be lining up for a ticket. I'll be busy digging through my stash and scrap bins for the next Militia Mystery, Blindfold Me Baby.

Blindfold Me Baby is the ultimate scrap quilt that you can create in a lap or full size, you choose! Use up your scraps/stash, or break open a few delicious fat quarter bundles and mix them all up!

I've started you off with a little BMB foreplay.... 10 pages of scrappy advice including 7 of my own scrappy quilts showcased to give you examples, ideas and inspiration. As a member, its yours to read and keep!

Sounds almost as intruiging as 50 Shades at first, I know, but when you consider that Blindfold Me Baby keeps you on the edge of your seat for 6 full months , promises to satisfy you completely, and the best part, you end up with a gorgeous scrap quilt you will enjoy for years to come....Compare that to a short 90 minutes of lip biting? I think the Militia Mystery wins!

Oh, and isn't it more than $40 for two to enjoy a movie/popcorn/treats these days? Militia membership is only $40 per year, and you get to enjoy 2 great mysteries and 1 BOM each year! That's incredible value compared to throwing away $60 at the theater. (And, you're probably less likely to walk away with gum on the seat of your pants too)

I'm sure you're wondering how on earth I can compare soft porn to quilting, and I wonder too.... Have you ever tied your man up with a few extra jelly roll strips?

no? oh... me neither... not me... blush

Give in to the temptation and join the Militia, won't you?

Blindfold Me Baby begins March 1st. Where will YOU be?

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