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Be Be Be My BFF!

So my bestie of 30+ years, Jody, brought me this quilt top, fabrics from Moda. I believe the line was called "Pure". When I asked her for her thoughts on the quilting.... "Simple", she said. "Not sure if it will be a gift", she said. "Make sure it's not quilted too girly", she said. I secretly laughed.


Bigger plans for this sweet lap quilt, I had! I knew Jody wanted the brown chain to remain unquilted (this is the second one I've done of this pattern for her, the first one was all meandered inbetween the chain), so I quickly set about measuring up a star to fit in the empty spaces. I stitched out the stars and then filled the background with a tiny loop to make the star pop out.


I got the idea for the tiny loops from a huge inspiration of mine, Karen McTavish. It's a great way to fill small spaces and make motifs POP. And I felt that the tiny loops were more fun and whimsical than plain stippling, so i went for it. Just as all living creatures are all cute as babies, mini quilting motifs are just darling!


I kept the border simple, with more straight lines (Jody loves all things geometric). I love the way this quilted piano key nicely frames this quilt!


I love how the back of a quilt is a whole new piece of art once quilted! I match my bobbin thread to my top thread, so when the backing contrasts, the quilting alone emerges. It really is amazing to see all the detail in just the quilting alone, on the back like this one shows.


Here's an overall view of the quilt Jody did such a nice job piecing this, the top was perfectly flat and the quilt was nice and square (true). Well done Jody!


I think it looks nice in my sewing room on this ladder, don't you? This will be where it stays until Jody bakes me cookies and comes over for another visit.

Soon, right Jody?


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