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A Warm Welcome

I'm not usually one that is ever at a loss for words. Typing out my very first blog post every at this moment, is finding me in just that predicament. I suppose the best way to begin is to tell you who I am, and why you should bother spending your personal time reading my stuff.

I'm a quilt desisgner from Airdrie Alberta, with a few things under my belt. I've owned a quilt shop, published a book, published many quilt patterns, and run a super-fun mystery quilt twice a year on facebook.

I'm 40 years young with a wickedly awesome and handsome hubby, 3 hilarious and amazing kids and a few pets. One of my most well known quilt patterns is "Antique'd" in the photo here. Over the years I have taught fabric selection on the philosophy of Variety, Value & Rest. This quilt embodies those elements in varying amounts. something I will continue to share with you in future posts.

I have lots to share, teach, and to learn in return from you. Thanks for visiting, and keep reading!

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