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online quilting classes

Learn quilting techniques in the comfort of your own home! Courses range from beginner to advanced with special technique classes. Check back often, as more courses are added regularly! Chat with me in a private facebook group for each class, where you can ask questions, post pictures & videos for guidance, and to connect with other students. Class content will be available for minimum 1 year from registration date.

core classes

These core classes are for all skill levels, with a focus on building good foundations. You'll find excellent instruction on all the basics as well as  inspiration for where you can take simple concepts.

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Longarm Quilting Basics

This class focuses on a simple approach to longarm quilting for those wanting to learn good habits from the start.  Discover the simplest ways to deal with common frustrations such as wavy borders and pieced backings. Learn good loading habits, time saving tips, and experience several "AHA!" moments. Sharon will also share considerations for hand guided vs computerized longarm quilting. If you are in the market for a machine, this class will have extra value!

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Practice with Purpose.jpg

Practice With Purpose

This class will give you the tools to Practice with Purpose, which means that every stitch counts toward better control, increased and accurate muscle memory, develop intuition & consistency in shape/size of designs. Sharon will share her secrets to “fast-track” your skill development, so that every moment spent practicing has been well spent. 

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How Do I Quilt This

Do you ever find yourself staring at a quilt top, struggling to come up with a quilting plan? Sometimes the answers are right in front of us, but many times they are not! How do you decide when to do Edge to Edge, Custom, or a combination of both? Sharon will share her “Cheat-Sheet” of kick-starter questions to help you make those design decisions.  We will review different styles of quilt tops and walk through making quilting plans together so you can apply the same methods at home. Stop wondering and start stitching!

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No Fear Feathers pic.jpg

Are you intimidated by the thought of freehand feathers? Do your feather attempts leave much to be desired? If you think that you will never be able to quilt a freehand feather then this class is exactly where you need to be. Sharon will share her tested methods for quilting beautiful feathers in 6 ways whiles sharing “purposeful practice” techniques to build your muscle memory so that you can do it time and time again. We will even venture into putting those feathers in unusual spaces so that you can develop your visual spatial skills.  You CAN quilt feathers!

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No Fear Feathers

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